Sandro not only knows how to capture and rielaborate the natur’s stimuli and the territorial’s assets but he makes them part of himself and imposses them with the aim to return them afterwards – even if not as a whole – to the fortunate viewer of this creative moment which permeates him. The spaces created in this way are always inviting, informally elegant and based on an exigent design project, which is not perceivable at first sight if not studied closely, because it is hidden, or better to say, it is disguised by graceful elements which soften and complete the well-balanced realisation and are the result of a profound and harmonically fused botanic, agronomic and architectural knowledge. Sandro does not return all of what he explores immediately, but he keeps always a part to himself, to make full use of them first and let them sediment later on: his gardens are the resulting sum of experiences, but also perceptions, visions and retrospective scrutinies which never satisfy his pursuit of knowledge.
Maria Teresa Salomoni Italian Version Spanish Version

Sandro Ricci
Garden & scenography